A Newbie's Approach to Training for the Ford Ironman Louisville

A Newbie's Approach to Training for the Ford Ironman Louisville


Have you ever watched the Ironman on television? It''s that annual race held in Hawaii in which participants swim 2.4 miles in open water, bike 112 miles on the road and then get off the bike and run a marathon (26.2 miles) – all in one day.

Every year I look forward to watching this event. The race is rich in stories and dramatic finishes. It first came on the national radar a few decades ago when Wide World of Sports broadcast the famous scene in which the leading woman runner staggered and crawled toward the finish line, disoriented from exhaustion. She lost the lead during the last few yards but she inspired millions who watched and the Ironman became a household name.collamask цена

Since that time, many more great stories have been broadcast: There''s the man who pushes his disabled adult son through the swim, bike and run of the triathlon. A couple years ago, a young woman with one leg completed the extreme endurance event. During that same race, a man with Lou Gehrig''s disease managed to defy all odds and cross the finish line. Each year there is a heart touching story of personal triumph and you can''t help but get chocked up with the courage and will displayed by these amateur athletes.CQ600 Plus

These people are amazing – and I am nothing like them. There really isn''t anything extraordinary about megaspray

But I am going to train and try to complete a full triathlon at the upcoming Ford Ironman Louisville in August.el macho

What I am is an average athlete (with perhaps above average determination). I''ve been a devoted runner for most of my life and I''ve run around 15 marathons. At times I''ve run in the back of the pack and sometimes I''ve run closer to the front. But I''ve never taken on more than a few “mini” triathlons -and those were half hearted attempts long ago. I haven''t swam consistently since I was on a grade school swim team and the bike I currently own is over a decade old and not something you''d want to ride further than around the block. In short, I''m really a “newbie” when it comes to doing any type of triathlon.perle bleue bewertungen

But with all that, undoubtedly my biggest hurdle is that I only have 6 months to train and I really only know one of the disciplines of the Ironman - running. I''ve read that you need about 7 months to train for a full Ironman – that''s assuming that you already have some experience in triathlons. And as I''ve noted, unfortunately I don''t.hammer of thor

I''ll be honest, once I gained entry into the race, I was overwhelmed. Reality hit hard that, with six months to train, I really couldn''t waste a day - but where to start?сухая кожа

Well, I''m a pretty analytical guy so I spent the first few days reading as much about the triathlon as I could take. I tried to find out about the cost of a bike. I read about how long I should swim every day. I learned that I needed to take some days off. I even found out what triathletes eat on a six hour bike ride. But after a few days of study, the one thing I really learned was that I had more to learn than I had thought.xtrasize

When you are climbing a mountain, the first thing you do is take a step. So as of this writing, I''m running a bit, I''m biking a little more and I''m spending some time at the pool. I''m still working to develop a training schedule and I''m still researching what equipment I''ll need to purchase. Clearly I have a very long way to go.γρήγορο αδυνάτισμα

So you''re probably thinking – why did I sign up to do the Ford Ironman Louisville? Real good question – one that I''ve been kind of asking myself lately (particularly after struggling through some bike and swim practices).

I''m doing this for reasons that are not nearly as compelling or courageous as the individuals you see on the Ironman broadcast – I''ve always wanted to complete an Ironman and I''d like to share with people how difficult/easy/hard/challenging/stressful/confusing/tiring it is to do one of these things. I want to show the reader, through the eyes of someone who''s never done it before, what type of equipment you have to buy, what kind of schedule you have to juggle and what techniques you have to learn in order to complete a triathlon. I''ve picked a full triathlon to complete, but I intend for my columns to shed light on how to participate in the shorter triathlons and the disciplines of swimming, running and biking as well. I''d like to think that maybe some will read and want to do one themselves someday.

Barbara Day, Publisher of Kentuckiana Health and Fitness, was kind enough to allow me some space over the next six months to describe my journey to and, if all goes well, my completion of an Ironman. I''ve also created a Web site where I''ll make short posts of my training and observations ( ). My hope is that readers will “come along for the ride.”