Learn 5 the most common inherited diseases from parents to children - The Child Health Blog

Learn 5 the most common inherited diseases from parents to children - The Child Health Blog

Learn 5 the most common inherited diseases from parents to children

There are many genetic diseases from parents to children but the most common diseases such as haemophilia , color blindness , myopia diabetic It should be found out soon to promptly treat to baby is healthy. Lets learn  5 the most common inherited diseases from parents to children below for having the prevention plans as well as having more knowledge to ensure the health for children develop best later .atlant gel

Usually in normal people , if cut yourself or scratching ,the body often creates blood clots to prevent bleeding continues to avoid the loss of blood , but in people with this disease ,the body does not produce blood clots so difficult to stop bleeding , it lead to the blood loss situation.

This is one of the diseases has the hereditary nature related to the X chromosome because gene producing clotting factor stays on the sex chromosome X. The boy ( XY chromosome ) when receiving  X chromosome of his mother will surely manifest the disease. And baby girl ( XX chromosomes ) only disease manifests when both chromosomes carry the disease gene . Therefore, hemophilia most often seen in the boy .macho man prijs

Currently, to treat this disease is mainly transmitted blood and blood plasma to offset and increases factor VIII in the blood have function to creates the binder help prevent the massive bleeding .maxatin kaina

Many dont know that if one parent has diabetes ,can has the genetic capability to children . The scientists also found that variations in genes also can cause diabetes so if the father / mother have these variations are even no expression of disease before pregnancy but the possibility of children being diseases is entirely possible occurs due to genetically inherited disease .hvordan catch me patch me fungerer

And if the parents are suffering type 1 diabetes before , the rate of genetic is 1/4 . In particular, with type 2 diabetes, if one parent is infected , the rate of genetic is 1/7 1/3 , if both parents have the disease , the rate is 50 % to 70 %

If one parent was born with congenital myopia ,the genetic rate for children will very high . Also this genetic level depends on myopia level, if parents are myopic but not due to congenital myopia that being caused by daily living habits , the rate of genetic will low , but if the parents are high myopia from 6 go paneled older , the rate of genetic will be higher .

This is one of the inherited disease about blood common in children ,the cause is one parent , or both parents carry the gene that causes this . Normal recessive gene on chromosome (ie, the gene carriers without clinical signs of disease ) and only manifest when two genes combine disease ( when two people have the same genetic disease marriage ) , so when you are pregnant, the ability of suffering Thalassemia and carrying disease gene up to 75 % .

Manifestations of the disease is the patients with severe anemia need blood transfusion treatment , if the iron overload so treatment for iron chelation . Because the body is iron overload and anemia , so if not treated in time will appear complications such as bone deformation face , dull skin , enlarged liver and spleen , heart failure The treatment in now can only blood transfusion and drink the iron waste , or treatment by transplant the stem cells ,it costs very expensive .

Therefore , to prevent this disease need to do pre-marriage test if you carried disease gene or not, the implementation of this test is to prevent two genes carriers marry.

Expression is not distinguish colors. Depending on each case , someone just does not distinguish between red , green, however there are people who can not distinguish colors , can only feel all colors by black and white  .

This disease related to the sex chromosomes ( XX in females , XY in males ) and arises from mutations or lack a gene on the X chromosome, pulled the light sensitive cells to differentiate colors .So, if the mother carries the disease gene  ( herself dont suffer the deseases but her body carries the disease gene ) , if childbirth , be a son will get sick colorblind because the Y chromosome does not have the dominant gene to overwhelms the color blindness genes. If be a daughter , only when both parents have the disease, genetic disease can appear in baby girl .

Above are some of the diseases are related to genetic characteristics , so the best way to prevent illness is parents need comprehensive health check before deciding to have children. When the baby was born, follow carefully to be able to promptly take appropriate measures to restrain , inhibit genetic diseases .

We have just learned  5 the most common inherited diseases from parents to children currently. The best way to prepare pregnancy is you should go for a health check yourself to prevent the disease later for children .Wish your family stay healthy and your baby are in good health and dont forget to accompany with to get more useful information.

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