Most Physically Fit Sports - PART 2 numbers 10-6 Fit, Healthy Beings

Most Physically Fit Sports - PART 2 numbers 10-6  Fit, Healthy Beings

The Quest to Become a Fit, Healthy Being

Most Physically Fit Sports - PART 2 numbers 10-6

I can now reveal the top 10 sports that require the highest

For a reminder of the definition of physical fitness and the

Rugby is a great sport, with great tradition and requires a

great team unit to be successful. Rugby requires a lot of power and strength to

tackle and absorb tackles. That is combined with a need for good cardiovascular

fitness and muscle endurance to play an 80 minute match. The areas that have

let rugby down are body composition, some positions such as prop require the

individual to be a larger chap. Flexibility is also low, this is not saying

that no one in rugby is flexible but it is not an important requirement to be

I will have to admit I do not have extensive knowledge of

the ins and outs of American football but I can certainly appreciate the

scores very highly on speed and power as plays are very short in duration but

are extremely high intensity. The padding used in this sport allows them to hit

/ tackle in a different way to rugby - normally launching themselves into an

opponent to stop them. American football scored very low on cardiovascular

fitness as they have an offensive and defensive team and plays are short in

duration so players are able to come on run there play and then regroup.

Basketball is a sport that requires a lot of skill and as

you see from the above scores requires a good level in all areas of physical

fitness. Basketball especially requires good speed, agility and reaction time

as the sport involves a lot of high intensity quick bursts of movement. Additionally

basketball requires constant movement at a lower intensity so a good level of

Ice Hockey is a tough sport - that is an understatement. Ice

skating is extremely difficult on its own. For this reason ice hockey received

full marks for balance and very high marks for reaction time speed and

coordination due to the speed of the game and ultimately the speed the puck

moves. Ice hockey involves a lot of quick movements, changes in directions and

hard hits all while on a blade only a few millimetres thick.

Football is my favourite sport and I have tried my best to

be impartial. Football is the most popular sport in the world and is also known

as the ''beautiful game''. A football match lasts 90 minutes with very little

breaks and lots of high intensity sprints. Therefore, cardiovascular fitness,

muscle endurance and speed scored very highly. Another key aspect to football

is the player''s ability to get to top speed and then change direction which has

given football a high score for agility and reaction time. One of the best

players around at the moment (and one of the best ever) is Cristiano Ronaldo,

have a look at this video of him.

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my name is L.J. My passion is to live a healthy lifestyle and my goal is to make sure I have fun achieving it. Professionally, I have been a fitness instructor, personal trainer and now an exercise scientist / researcher. I have a BSc (hons) in Health Related Exercise and Fitness and an MSc in Physical Activity for Health. From my experience I now consider myself an ''exercise specialist'' but this is not a blog just about health and fitness. This blog is about being a Fit, Healthy Being!!

To be a fit, healthy being is about having a fun lifestyle which of course includes - exercise and diet but also includes; challenges, new experiences, exploration, companionship and sharing.

With this blog I hope to help the ''average Joe'' to wake each day a little healthier than the day before.

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