Why in the HECK don’t they show these NUTRITION FACTS!!!!!!?

Why in the HECK don’t they show these NUTRITION FACTS!!!!!!?

Why in the HECK don’t they show these NUTRITION FACTS!!!!!!?

I went to the grocery store today, and a thought came to my head – it was, how come they really only show nutrition facts for artificial foods and sweets?drivelan ultra

Then I searched nutrition facts for fruits and vegetables and this web site may change your mind about eating healthy. Just click on any one food to view its TRUE nutrition.bust size

When I saw the loooong bars, especially for carrots 600% vitamin A !!!!!!!!!!!!! I was shocked. No amazed. No, traumatized. Frankly, I have no idea what the right word is for this.

I couldn’t believe it, and the fact that they must be DELIBERTATELY HIDING THIS FROM US for some sick reason. I had NO IDEA.

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OK wow sooo u mean that 600% vitamine a are bad?

Or who dint know that carrot can make u orange. . .

They show nutrition facts for pre-packaged, produced foods. Since fruits and vegetables aren’t pre-packaged or produced except in some cases such as when they are frozen, then there is no label required for them except during these times. Nobody is deliberately hiding them from anyone.

i LOVE worlds healthiest foods website.

and i think the government secretly is trying to poison us, but thats just me.

I mean if coke zero has no calories, and an apple has 80, what would most overweight americans buy??

because most people already know that fruits and veggies are good for you. Plus, the logistics of labeling all of that produce would not be practical. I mean think of a peach, where are you gonna put a label? and eat peach is different for that matter. Also, I think most people look at nutrition labels to find out about the bad stuff anyway, fat, calories etc.

It’s not a conspiracy. It’s economics. The FDA and USDA do not require labeling but if labeled they require accuracy. Would you want to pay thousands of employees to test your green beans?

i guess its beacues if peaple think that its from the store your buying its healthier

even when it may just be taking it from the box itself !

ask the staff at the store

Processe Food is full of Chemicals, Fossil Fuels, High Fructose Corn Syrup and many other Chemical inbalances that arnt naturally edible Sis. . . . Honestly the only food you Should eat is Natural food and throw pops/sodas out thw window that is death in a glass anything you wouldnt give to an infant/a baby that is a testament in itsself that it is simply not healthy and you shouldnt eat it neither belive its many more things that you dont know that is being imposed on you by your Government matta fact most of your life style is imposed from what you eat drink [city water included] [bottled water included]. . . you have no freedom you only have an illusion of choices you have been enslaved. . . they take whats rightfully yours given by the Creator. . [Food, Land,Water ect. . ] and then make you work for them so they can sale it back 2 you. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . many things to see Sis. . . . . . many things. . . . . . . Bless uP. . . . .

Ah, another set of eyes open.

Well, check out some of the laws in California. One law, I think in 2006, makes certain amounts of required minerals illegal. I hadn’t heard about it until I was hitting a health food store and the woman was telling another that she couldn’t sell herbs to a woman in California because the herbs were illegal in that state. From what she said, and she is a nurse, that they had to make exceptions for certain foods because they had too much of the banned substance in them. From I can recall, the average person is in trouble, as the trace elements in the human body are higher than their law allows. Leave it to CA to make living healthy illegal.

The US has had a “war” in nutrition going on for some time. I didn’t pay much attention to it until I started gaining weight and getting sick, eating a normal diet. I had an American doctor tell me that rice was bad for me, and that I needed to cut back on it, and other foods I was eating, because it was adding problems. This was a man with an M. D. , treating people with medicines. Now, I might be wrong, but the last time I checked, Japan had a diet with rice, fish, and other natural foods, and they were a lot healthier than the US is. Most other countries I have seen have high deaths in lead poisoning (bullet style) but tend to be healthier in diet. Breast milk is common in other countries, like South America, but the US says it is bad for the baby and provide formula for mothers who, last time I checked, had plenty of free food for their babies, if they eat right and are healthy themselves.

It seems like all we hear is how bad food is for us, when it is natural, and how it can be improved. Does that strike anyone else as odd?

They’re not hiding anything from us. Have you ever seen 2 peaches the same exact size? I’ve gotten some this season that were “average” size and some that were as big as softballs. Their nutritional values would actually differ based on variety as well as size, so a label could never be accurate or it wouldn’t be fresh fruit after its sweetness was tested. What about heads of cabbage? We are responsible for learning this information for ourselves. I don’t want to have to pay for all that extra labeling for fresh produce or meats. Do you? Can’t we have our own reference books for fresh food products?

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