CAREER OPPORTUNITIES Living Well Health and Fitness

CAREER OPPORTUNITIES  Living Well Health and Fitness

We are not only a Team we are a family

Be a Part of a Community that makes Everyone in it Betterknee active plus

Be the Difference and Change Livestitan gel

Work with Clients Who Appreciate the Principles of Living Wellbust size

Love What you Do Because......They Love What You Do for Them More

Living Well was created in 2007 to educate and inspire the world on how to Live Well naturally.

By creating an inclusive environment/community, where a person can focus on themselves, learn useful life skills, forget about outside obligations and distractions, and truly develop both a stronger mind and body to bring our members to their maximum potential of their own choosing.

It is a way of living that focuses on creating balance between one’s Lifestyle, Health and Fitness.

Is to share our passion for creating and developing Health and functional movement driven communities through high quality education and meaningful member relationships.

Each day our Living Well Team awakes with a strong passion to help others reach their goals. This passion far exceeds just fitness and bleeds into all aspects of life. Our team embodies Passion, Professionalism and Performance.

Passion – We believe strongly that for our members and staff to be successful, our team must love what they do and do what they love!

Professionalism – We believe that our team must strive for excellence, constantly pushing the boundaries of education to better the experience for the members and to strengthen the team. Accountability is the standard and continuously working towards Mastery of a Professional Coach.

Performance – What sets the best coaches and healthcare professionals apart is not the quality of their service, but the value of their insight (coaching)—new ideas to help clients either reach their goals or reach new limits in ways they didn’t even know were possible. This is done not by “discovering” what clients already know they need, but by teaching them a new way of thinking altogether.

Living Well is a South Jersy based company focused on helping their clients overcome daily lifestyle, health and fitness obstacles. Learning is apart of our company’s culture and it is spread through out our training programs and classes. With an educated community of members, results come quickly and last a lifetime.

We have high standards when it comes to delivering our training services to our clients. Which is why our coaches in training spend up to 9 months learning and gaining valuable experience in our Professional Coaches Program (PCP). Our Doctors undergo 48 hours of post graduate studies in Active Release and Neurokinetic Therapy in addition to advanced training in Integrated Doctors Program (IDP). We define quality by our ability to articulate the science behind our methods, safety of our training/Recovery programs, personal connection with our members, ability to inspire and motivate people to unimaginable results, and through offering superior training equipment.

We live by a curiosity for learning and improvement, which fosters a team that is focused on greater member satisfaction first and profits second. Our success is dependent on the strength of our team. Because of this, we go to great lengths to motivate, empower, and reward.

We have a responsibility to provide a comfortable, exciting, challenging, and absolutely amazing environment for our team to earn a living.

Our culture of learning, commitment to quality service, and vision for fitness has developed teams of independent thinkers that share a passion for innovative ideas, problem solving, and accomplishment.

We believe that organizing a team is impossible in the absence of trust. Our company is an open book for team members that want insight into our business decision-making, program developments, and information that impacts their responsibilities. This includes access to our financial reports as well!

Our mission and vision will be achieved only through measurable, achievable, and performance oriented goals. Actions that support our commitments represent strong character and belief in our success. Which is why our team members’ share in our financial growth, as our team pushes our company to new heights, so does their incomes.

and… most importantly, the gift of being able to help people change their lives!

The right person will solve our desire to enroll new members, coach and service our members to reach their personal goals, and coach group fitness classes across a diverse range of experienced and inexperienced athletes.

Responsibilities include informing members and prospective members about our specialized fitness programs, providing an educational strength and conditioning class for our students, managing a student roster, and assisting in community development and upcoming events.

Time Commitment: Full Time (45 hours per week) 15 hours of classes

Wage Range: $3,000-$4,200/month (earn up to $65,000/year with additional incentives)

*(40-45) hours a week of coaching and Admin responsibilities

*Six to Eight hour work shifts (AM shift)

*Manage a membership roster of up to 100 members

*Answer phones, manage email accounts, and inform prospective members

*Assist in organization and execution of community events

*Communicate class feedback and findings to Operations Manager for further business improvement

*Stimulate social media interaction that aligns with our team values and vision

People who will excel in this position have a passion for interacting with people, have adopted health and fitness as a way of life, and enjoy continuous learning and new challenges.

The following skill sets will be needed to excel in this position:

*Coaching- Command of room, fun, inspiring, humble, detail oriented, technical exercise knowledge, basic workout program design knowledge.

*Communication- Listening, clear and concise, friendly, confident, open minded, respectful.

*Member Service- Well kept appearance, organized, assertive, caring, detail oriented, empathetic, multitasking, people oriented, problem solver, self controlled.

*Business- Critical thinker, analytical, financial budgeting, prioritize, troubleshooter, computer knowledge in excel, word, facebook, understands and believes in Living Well core values, must abide by Living Well policies, procedures, and guidelines

* At least 1 of the following Specialty Certifications A (Olympic Weightlifting; Ma Strength or Coach Wu, Gymnastics; MoveNat L1/L2 or Gymnastics Bodies, CF endurance, FMS L1, CF strike, CF football, etc)

*CrossFit Level 2 (current or plan to register within 30 days of hire)

*Living Well Professional Coach Development (registration upon hire)

*Minimum of 2 years working with youth or adults from beginner to advanced levels of fitness experience

*Minimum of Bachlors Degree in Allied Health, Exercise Physiology, Kinesiology

Prior to coaching unassisted or carrying out business driven job duties, the Associate will train with a mentor coach to ensure their success in the position. Coaches are expected to keep fitness trainings up to date per Fast Factory guidelines.

Email cover letter, resume, and responses to the questions below to

*Why do you want to work at Living Well?

*Why would someone want you to be his or her Coach?

*What are your career interests, short term (1-3 yrs.) and long term (5yr.) goals?