Student Health Care Reform and Loans

Student Health Care Reform and Loans

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Student Health Care Reform and Loansביקורות thermacuts

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Health care reform is causing many changes to the health care system, but many do not realize it’s also having an impact on student loans.  Student health care reform is affecting the way government is handling student loans and ultimately saving them money which is good for the country overall.  According to the article “Health-care Reform and Your Student Loans” by AnnaMaria Andriotis on, there are 3 major changes the health-care bill is causing to student loans.detoxic

The most crucial part is that the federal student loan funding is switching to 100% funding from the government and eliminating private lenders.  The Congressional Budget Office says this decision will help the government save about $61 billion over the next decade.chocolate slim comentarii

Another major aspect is watered down Pell grant increases.  About $36 billion of savings from the elimination of FFELP will go towards Pell grant increases over the next decade.  The new provisions for the Pell grant still fall short of President Obama’s proposals given earlier in the State of the Union long system forum

The third impact to student loans involves delayed changes to income-based repayment plans.  This will not take effect until July 1, 2014, but when this happens students can start taking advantage of the decrease in repayment plans based on income.  Currently, monthly payments cap at 15% of one’s income, but with the change it will drop to 10% helping out many students and families.

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