Tribulus – muscle growth caused by natural herbal supplement.

Tribulus – muscle growth caused by natural herbal supplement.

Tribulus substance is extracted from the herb Tribulus terrestris. This herb is used for thousands of years – e.g. Greeks are used it for liver, kidney and cardio – vascular diseases.

What is Tribulus?

This is herb rich in phyto steroidal saponins. Extract of this herb stimulates the production of luteinizing hormone, which directly influences on the production of testosterone by increasing it.perle bleue

What is the main physiological benefit of Tribulus?

Most people know that higher testosterone level leads to increased strength, muscle growth, lean weight, prolonged erections and potency. Each of these effects is useful for everyone of us.
It is interesting that in women Tribulus are not increases testosterone levels. In the women Tribulus increases estrogen, which makes it a very good preparation for increasing libido, treating infertility and menstrual pain.fungalor σύνθεση

What are the optimal doses?

The dosage ranged from 600 mg to 1500 mg daily.varicofix cena

How to take Tribulus

Half-life of active saponins is about 8 hours so it is good to be taken three times daily. The cycle continues 8 weeks and after fourteen days of rest may be renewed.fresh fingers

What are possible harmful side effects of taking Tribulus?

The preparation is not toxic but can occur slightly upset stomach if the body has an intolerance to it. In this case is good Tribulus to be taken with food. If this does not help is recommended to see your doctor to identify the causes of aggressive reaction of the body.бактефорт капли

Which preparations are major source of Tribulus?

The active substance is producing in capsule powder, which is extracted from leaves and roots of the plant Tribulus terrestris. It also can be used in the form of tea from the herb Tribulus terrestris. This herb grows in many regions of the world. It is mainly produced in China and India.cellinea šalutinis poveikis

What are additional physiological effects of Tribulus?

Other benefits of using this herb are that it reduces blood cholesterol, and that it increases the production of DHEA (provides the raw material for testosterone formation) and androstenedione.memória fejlesztése

Why to take Tribulus and how exactly it helps?

Tribulus is used by athletes to increase their muscle mass as an herbal alternative of steroids. This is because of the significant changes in testosterone levels before and after the cycle of using the herb. Increased testosterone level allows athletes to retain more nitrogen. Thus trainee retains more amino acids absorbed from food connecting them in new protein structures of muscle fibers.probolan 50 nuspojave

Another reason to take Tribulus is for recovery of spermatogenesis after severe for body steroid cycle. So taking the herb athletes restores their natural production of testosterone.

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