Causes and Treatment of Toothache

Causes and Treatment of Toothache

Toothache is often experienced by loads of people. It is a dental problem where the person suffering from toothache feels pain and irritation in his teeth and gums. Sometimes people also experience pain in the complete jaw line associated with that particular tooth. In medical terms toothache is called Odontalgy. There may be a numerous reasons of toothache including eruption of wisdom tooth, formation of pus in gums, gum infection, initialization of tooth decay and cavities. In order to find out the exact root cause behind a toothache your doctor may recommend a dental X-ray.

Causes of Toothache:

  • Dental Cavities
    It is the most common reason behind toothache. Cavities are referred to the formation of tiny holes at the outer layer of your teeth. The outer layer of the teeth is called enamel and dentin. The purpose of the outer layer is to protect the internal living tissues of the teeth. The bacterial attack softens the outer layer of the teeth that results in the infection of internal pulp of the teeth, which may cause toothache.
  • Gum Diseases
    Different sorts of gum diseases may result in the pain and inflammation in the teeth. Gum diseases like gingivitis causes infection of the bone surrounding a particular tooth and may lead to toothache.
  • Bare and Uncovered Tooth Roots
    Toothache is common in the people having exposed roots of the teeth. Some times the gums surrounding teeth roots are dissolved by the infection caused by bacteria as a result tooth roots become exposed causing pain in affected tooth.

Symptoms of Toothache
There are a number of symptoms of a toothache. Some of them are quite annoying such as a constant sharp pain and irritation in the tooth. Patient feels extra sensitivity to hot and cold sensations during eating or drinking. Flow of pains from the tooth is the jaw line and ear. Patient feels pain during brushing his teeth. While suffering from toothache a person is unable to chew his or her food properly. Patient suffers from redness of the gum and a discharge of pus and bleeding from the affected tooth.

How to Diagnose Toothache
Diagnosis of toothache includes histological analysis of the tooth and the surrounding gums. Sometimes dentist recommend the examination of the pulp from inside of the tooth to find out the root cause of toothache.

How to Treat Toothache
There are various kinds of treatments to cure toothache. If cavities are the root cause behind the toothache your doctor will fill up your cavities. Your doctor will also prescribe the treatment of infectious disease like Gingivitis and Periodontal so that bacterial attacks must not affect your teeth. Doctor will cover up your exposed teeth roots with fluoride gels and that contain binding agents to keep gums tissues intact. You will be given a protection against cracked tooth by covering your tooth with tooth crown or gold porcelain.