I’m Meeting Noel Turner on his European Tour

I’m Meeting Noel Turner on his European Tour

Hi Lydia here again.

Just a quick update, to give you my Special News.multilan active atsiliepimai

Over the past few weeks I have been very privileged to be in constant contact with Noel Turner, as I have been translating the Corporate site into Dutch for Moxxor.knee active plus

Noel Turner

I have been invited to join him as a VIP at the upcoming Moxxor Event in Bremen on November 2nd 2010.

My train is booked and I’m staying at the Hilton,

Luxury, I’m going to get used to this.

Noel Turner is an awesome guy that fires up everyone he meets, his energy and his belief to help anyone who wants to help themself is staggering.

His main motivation was to help the body heal itself, his mother who had severe asthma and his daughter Jay, who has rheumatoid arthritis, were his inspiration to make Omega 3 available in its strongest form.

Link to Noel’s Bio

Noel and his twin brother John have developed a system to extract the green lipped mussel oil by a cold process in order to keep Omega 3 oil a live product and therefore the highest quality to aid healing. To make this product better they have also included a huge amount of anti oxidants in the form Grape Seed Husk and Kiwi Fruit Seed extract.

Ailments such as auto-immune disorders (rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, lupus, coeliac disease etc) Inflammation, allergies such as asthma, skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis are a few amongst many.

The best way to check this out is to go to my diary below or the growing number of testimonials we are collecting.

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As you know on our site we like to keep you entertained.

So here is a clip I love.

Just changing the ethos.

Going to work on Moxxor for myself or going to my boring hum drum job? Lol.

I am hoping to film the whole of the Conference and will make it available to all of our Team.

This event is going to take Europe by storm as Noel is travelling through Germany, Austria, UK, France and Italy to promote this amazing product Moxxor.

Experience Moxxor for yourself Regain your Health, that’s how I did it

Now I’m a Distributor in a Partnership where we utilise our talents.

Val and I chose to try this product and it worked for both of us, I’m an excellent computer whizz and Val writes and does research for the articles.

What an excellent combination!

Make money in your Own Business either online or offline.

This is your time to shine, Act Now and reduce your pain!

Keep you posted.