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Massage therapy is an age old remedy for relieving stress as well as treating various other ailments. Massage basically consists of rubbing specific areas of the body with the goal of improving circulation which in turn provide relief and also relieves stress. Some individuals also get body massage done for the purpose of enhancing overall well being.fito spray

With this being said, it needs to be understood that there are over 80 types of massage therapies available. You can choose from these types based on your requirement. Statistics have revealed that in the US as high as 18 million adults and 70,000 children have taken a body massage in the year 2006 for some reason or the other. These figures clearly state that massage therapy is quite popular amongst individuals of all age groups. It has also been observed that, senior citizens also prefer getting massage done for relieving joint pain and other ailments.5 kilon laihdutus

Scientific evidence on the benefits of massage therapy is scarce. However, with the available data, it is clear that massage does have several beneficial effects. Research reports have clearly stated that a therapy of such kind helps in treating depression, anxiety, blood pressure and pain. It is also useful in managing conditions of state anxiety and trait anxiety. In yet another clinical report published in the year 2008, showed that massage therapy was beneficial in patients with complains of chronic low back pain. It was also reported that massage was very effective in lowering pain and improving mood of cancer patients. With all these advantages it becomes important to know that individuals should get massage done at least once in their life time.

The theories behind how massage therapy works are many and varied. Some theories suggests that massage works by blocking the pain signals being sent to the brain and therefore, individuals cannot experience pain after getting massage done. While, some other theories point towards the fact that massage helps in the release of certain favorable chemicals in the body that are beneficial in relieving stress and pain.

Of the several types of massage therapies available, some of the major and most commonly used ones consist of Swedish massage, hot stone massage, pregnancy massage, reflexology, Thai massage, Shiatsu massage, deep tissue massage, sports massage and neuromuscular therapy massage. All these massage therapies are performed using different styles and techniques.

Make sure you always look for a professional, trained and certified massage therapist for getting massage done. This is so because; massage can carry certain risk if not performed in the correct manner. The various side effects of massage therapy include discomfort, inflammation, pain, temporary bruising on the area of massage and allergic reactions due to sensitivity to any kind of massage oils or lotions. It is also necessary that you always let your therapist know the purpose of your massage.

It should also be noted that individuals who are on blood thinners such as warfarin should not get any type of massage done. In addition, individuals with bleeding disorders should also refrain from massage. It is therefore advised that individuals with any serious ailments should first consult with their health care provider before getting any type of massage done. This is also true for cancer patients; even though massage has been proved to be beneficial for them, a direct force on the area of the tumor can be fatal.

With the several benefits listed, it gets important to mention that massage therapy is one of the best kinds of alternative therapy to treat various types of ailments. Be it stress, anxiety, depression or blood pressure massage therapy does wonders. Live a pain free and stress free life!!

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