Recumbent Bicycles Make a Cyclist Comeback

Recumbent Bicycles Make a Cyclist Comeback

Recumbent Bicycles Make a Cyclist Comeback

By Tom Armstrong

As long as I''ve known Marcie, she''s had tendon troubles in her wrists. Last winter, her wrists were bothering her even more than usual, and she went to a Chiropractor (actually two of them, a husband and wife team) for advice and suggestions for exercises she could use to improve her situation. Marcie had returned to cycling after some years of not riding, and was upset that the cycling seemed to make her wrists hurt more. She tried changing her position on her bike a bit, and tried heavily-cushioned handlebar wrap, but she still had some pain. Now that she has a recumbent bicycle, she has less trouble with her wrists. bust size cijena

Harry sought recumbent bicycles to avoid the pain in his arthritic shoulder. He simply could not ride a conventional bike for more than a few minutes without great discomfort. On his recumbent bike, he can go for hours without shoulder pain. pro engine ultra cijena

A local surgeon had all but quit riding, as the hand fatigue from riding a conventional bicycle was making it hard for him to perform well at his practice. He recently bought a recumbent, and enjoys cycling again, whether for exercise or purely for pleasure. titan gel presyo

The wider seat and better back support found on recumbent bicycles improve comfort for many others, too, from men with prostate issues to folks of both genders recovering from back or neck injuries. valgosocks gdje kupiti

And some simply enjoy the greater comfort while they pedal down the road. collamask

These folks are not alone. More and more folks are finding that recumbent bicycles are easier on their bodies. Recumbent owners have been telling us for years that the mantra of “no pain, no gain” should be changed to “no pain, all gain.” Imagine riding a bicycle without the discomfort of those skinny seats. How many of you, when you get home from work, would like to sit back, put up your feet, and relax for just a bit? Why not do that while you are riding your bike? hair megaspray skład

With a recumbent bicycle, the rider is sitting in a chair, rather than straddling a saddle. There is a backrest. The rider''s hands are resting on the control bar, rather than supporting the rider''s upper torso. The rider''s weight is spread out along much of the back, as well. The overall result is that at the end of the day, the only things that hurt are the muscles overused in trying to go farther or faster (or both) than one is accustomed to going. всички

People ask me if my recumbent bikes are hard to ride. The answer is that no, they aren''t hard to ride, but they are different. As it happens, the human body adapts to new balance positions readily, and we already balance well when sitting. I''ve taught dozens of folks to ride recumbent bicycles, and almost all have taken to it quickly. jak zmniejszyć spalanie

What other benefits are there, you ask, as if absence of pain wasn''t a big enough reason? How about visibility? On a recumbent bike, you can see farther down the road, and see more to your sides, simply because your head is in a more natural position. Other road users can see you, too. Because your bike is not just another bike, they pay attention to your presence. This usually translates into “motorists give me more room on this bike than they did on conventional bikes,” something I''ve been observing for years.

The stereotype of recumbent riders being techno-geeks has some basis in reality (One of the men credited for resurrecting recumbent bicycling in this country was an engineering professor at MIT). Accordingly, there is a ton of information on the web about recumbent bicycles, some of which is even accurate! One site I find useful is . There is a large forum on that site, and if you have a question or three, I''m sure you can find an answer there. There are many opinions expressed there, but the folks are pretty civil to one another.

If you look into recumbent bicycles, you will find that there are many styles from which to choose. The variables include wheelbase, crank height, seat style, steering style, and wheel size. The choices are so numerous that it''s hard to decide which will best suit one''s needs. In general, however, long wheelbase bikes are great for smooth rides over great distances. Short wheelbase bikes are comfortable, and are especially suited for higher speeds.

If you want to try riding a recumbent, see the folks at Scheller''s Fitness & Cycling. They have the largest selection of recumbent bicycles in the area, with folks who know more about them than any other shop in town.

Tom Armstrong is a life-long cyclist who has been riding recumbent bikes for fourteen years. He is a mechanic with Scheller''s Fitness and Cycling.

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