Running without the boredom.

Running without the boredom.

This is me staring down Moss St. on the verge of a 100 meter sprint. Incorporating short runs into your workouts is a great way to throw a monkey wrench into a stalled routine. You can even perform workouts that are comprised solely of running that are still fun and keep you on your toes (pun intended). Try this next time you need to workout and have no access to equipment. All you need is something to mark your starting/ending points. You can do this with duct tape, sidewalk chalk, or two objects that won’t get blown away by the wind. You’ll also need a stopwatch or a wristwatch or phone w/a built in timer.

  • First, we’ll establish a set distance for the work out. Mark a starting point. We’ll call this Point A.
  • From here, jog at a moderate intensity for 30 seconds and mark where you end. We’ll call this point B.
  • Now go back to point A.
  • Now, get your timer ready. At the top of each minute for 15 minutes, run from point A to point B and back to point A.
  • The trick is to run fast enough to where you’ll have some rest between runs.

At some point, you’ll really have to hustle on these because the longer you take, the shorter your rest between runs gets. There is also some strategy involved. Do you go all out from the beginning so as to get the longest rest breaks possible or do you take it easy and conserve energy so you can really go all out at the end when the rest periods start to shorten? I’ll leave that part up to you! Neither approach is more beneficial than the other, as long as you complete each run before the top of the next minute.lumify x9

Scaling Down:
If you find that you you’re having trouble completing each run in the time allotted, simply jog slower during the initial run to mark point A and point B.spirulin plus forum

DISCLAIMER: This is not to say that some long-distance running here and there isn’t beneficial either. To be a well-rounded human, be sure to get a 5k run every now and then!varicobooster

Stew… oh how I love thee… (sigh)