Stress Levels: A way of living Youth on Health

Stress Levels: A way of living  Youth on Health

Stress Levels: A way of living Youth on Health

Stress Levels: A way of livingbigbust ส่วนประกอบ

I once went to an orthopedic to get my knees and back checked for it felt as if someone had been hammering against them with thousands of needles for quite some time. Even though the check up was successful and there wasn’t anything specifically wrong with me, what came after getting out of the doctors chamber was extremely embarrassing. I went to the counter to pay the visiting fee, the attendant asked my name. Without looking at me he wrote my name, down and started looking at the lady next to me. I then told him my age and suddenly he looked at me. Initially he was taken aback, and then came the embarrassing part when he started laughing along with a few other old people around me. Yes, I am 23 years old, and I had to go to a doctor to get my knees and back checked.fungaxim vélemény

And for some reason I didn’t feel left out.revo muscle

Looking around me, I see almost every young person with some or the other body issues the most common being high stress levels. Its just that the reasons and levels of stress differ from age to profession. The basic element of stress remains constant. A teen might face high stress levels due to academics, peer pressure and more commonly because of alcohol and smoking where in some extreme cases go upto drug abuse. The period of transition where a teen comes across new phases and emotions in their life tends instills some form of stress upon them. A working professional has completely different reasons to be stressed out one of the most common reasons being pressure from work or the pressure experienced due to expectations and desires from life and himself. Today, we live a life full of frustrations and hassles in a way that we feel that they have become a way of life. Working under stress might be a good sign in a way as if helps a person perform better in some cases. But the point remains till an extent when it starts affecting the body and the mind.

Medically speaking, stress is like a physical response to situations which might fall out of the normal mode of living. For example, when one is at work, the fact that he or she can be more energetic at times is due to the sudden burst of work load or whatever reasons. Slamming the brakes instantly during emergency situations is another example of stress when one unexpectedly has to stop or divert their way. Even though one might find an adrenalin in stress, too much of it leads to major health issues.

One of the many ways to deal with stress is to do that one thing that a person enjoys. It could be as simple as sitting alone in a room with the lights out. Meditation can be another very effective way of dealing with stress. It is important to have a positive attitude and one should be able to deal with emotions which requires some preparation and some knowledge about ones own behavior.

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Stress Levels: A way of living

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