Wet Crawl Space - Pictures and Prevention

Wet Crawl Space - Pictures and Prevention

Our Unique Systems Drain Away Crawlspace Water And Stop Mold

Wet crawl space is a common problem, and one we at Healthy Environments can solve better than anyone.

How can you tell if you have wet crawl space? As these pictures show, you can always go down there with a camera. But besides just visual inspection, here are some clues to possible wet crawl space beneath your home:

Hardwood floors are cupping (bowing) or rippling.
• You may have electrical surges because water is in contact with electrical wires in the crawl space.
• You can use a moisture meter to measure the wood in the crawl space (we always bring one when we visit your home).
• An increase in air-conditioning costs may reflect moisture in the duct work, which creates drag on the moving air, forcing your AC to work harder.
• A musty odor in your home or crawl space.
• Your carpet may feel damp.
• When you have a termite inspection, they identify a high level of moisture in your crawl space.spartanol cena

Healthy Environments can solve these and other wet crawl space problems better than anyone. All our systems capture ground source moisture and water intrusion through the foundation. We use a patented drainage system to remove and eliminate water.thermacuts opinioni forum

The system is also designed to capture water in the event of a catastrophe such as a broken pipe under your house. The Neutocrete® crawl space sealant system is sloped to a drainage point, which connects with our subsurface drainage system. We also have a drainage system beneath our vinyl-based Vapor-Loc™ liners. So if a pipe bursts or leaks, instead of a pool being created under your house, our system is effectively draining it off to prevent accumulation.impreskin side effects

Sometimes what appears to be ground source moisture is caused by a leaky pipe that is not apparent until we install one of our crawl space cover products. When we come back to check on it after installation, we may find a little water sitting on top of the cover which has not drained completely. In this case, as with a burst pipe of course, you can simply hire a plumber to repair or replace the bad pipe.macho man

The Neutocrete® system is the only crawl space sealing product that provides you maximum protection and prevention of wet crawl space problems. Call Healthy Environments today at 1-866-573-2548 or use our online contact form to discuss your situation and arrange a free home inspection.probolan 50 szedése

Neutocrete® The Foundation For A Healthy Home.somatodrol recenzia


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