Do You Know What Affiliate Marketing Is?

Do You Know What Affiliate Marketing Is?

A Picture of Affiliate Marketing

Let’s Ask Joel To Explain Affiliate Marketing…

Affiliate marketing, according to Wikipedia:

a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought about by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts. The industry has four core players:

Affiliate Marketing Empower Network Style

All 3 of the above definers of affiliate marketing (the beginning picture, Joel and Wikipedia) do a fine job of explaining affiliate marketing. Now it’s time to see what Empower Network does with affiliate marketing…pure muscle x prix

Here are two videos that explain why Empower Network has the BEST affiliate marketing program:maxatin

Update: there are now two additional products:turbo max blue

The 15K Formula ($1,500) and The Master’s Retreat ($3,500)member xxl omdömen

These products add value to you and your income by providing top-notch, advanced marketing strategies that also pay 100% commissions!collamask

Recap on why Empower Network has the BEST Affiliate Marketing Program

  • First and foremost, when You (the affiliate) join Empower Network, (the advertiser) you are provided a website that includes a WordPress blog! There’s no need to already have a website, nor design one – all that is put together for you!
  • Second, Empower Network’s products teach you how to create incredible wealth whenever and wherever you want!
  • Third, Empower Network pays you 100% commissions on each product that you sell and also own yourself…meaning in order to make 100% commission you have to own the product yourself.

Example: Product #1 is the viral blogging system. It is a monthly fee of $25. When someone you refer buys the blogging system and also pays a monthly fee of $25, you are paid $25 for every month they own the product!man pride prix

  • Fourth, the residuals!
  • Fifth, the comp plan
  • Sixth, the continual update of the products at no additional cost
  • Seventh, many more reasons such as, the leadership, the vision, the fact that the founders are relatable, etc…

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