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Denver Colorado Health Insurance Introduces New Plans for Indemnity Insurance.

December 26 2003--Mid-West National is the Nations leader in the Individual Health Insurance market due to the high quality and affordablity of their indemnity plans for the self-employed, families and individuals.princess hair osta

These plans offer freedom of choice in doctors and hospilals nationwide, most importantly, the doctor(not the Health Insurance Company) determines what is medically necessary.

Health Insurance for Colorado Individuals,Families and Self-Employed. Choosing the right plan can be the difference between life and death. Dont be fooled by "managed care" (PPOs + HMOs) plans that seem to offer big coverage for big expenses. While these plans tend to give good coverage for the small expenses, they do NOT, repeat, they do NOT have good coverage for big Medical expenses because they (business people not Doctors) determine what is "Medically Necessary". Benefits on these types of plans are paid on "least expensive, least intensive, shortest form of Medical treatment".ἄρα

Would you bring yourself or your child in to the hospital and ask for the "least expensive, least intensive, shortest form of Medical treatment"? If youre part of a huge corporate group, you will receive exellent coverage on these types of plans. The last thing a group of business people want to do is lose a client that is paying them millions or even billions of dollars per month in Health Insurance premiums. Transfer this concept to the Individual or small group market and you lose your strength in numbers and buying power with the lifestyle

Would you authorize a $500,000 medical procedure to a client paying you only $500 per month month if you didnt have to? Approximately 75% of bankruptcys in the nation are medically related largely due to these types of plans. If your #1 concern for Health Insurance is to be covered for the smaller expenses like Dr visits and perscriptions, perhaps these types of plans would be best for you, but if your #1 concern is to obtain the best coverage for the big expenses like hospitalization and surgery be sure to choose an "Indemnity" plan that offers you freedom of choice of Doctors and hospitals nationwide with what is "Medically Necessary" determined by the Doctor, not a group of business people.psorimilk cumpăra

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