Is Your Health in the Grocery Bag or the Pharmacy Bag??

Is Your Health in the Grocery Bag or the Pharmacy Bag??
Is Your Health in the Grocery Bag or the Pharmacy Bag??

Written by Sherry Orcutt

Matthew 7:13
[ The Narrow and Wide Gates ] "Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it.fungalor skład

This cartoon says it all! People are running to the Pharmacy, coming out with their very overpriced “pill cocktails” with the hope that their symptoms of this and that disease will magically disappear – only to find themselves in a downward spiral of more side effects and a worsened state of health. Their disease progresses yet their faith is in that little pill, potion or patch. This is the wide road thinker and there are more people on the Wide Road than the Narrow Road. The Narrow Road takes work, obedience and dedication.collamask hatás

The second cartoon depicts very healthy looking people and their bag of goodies of fruit and vegetables, smiling faces emerge and they are abounding in health and wellness.macho man kako uporabiti

Health is a choice and that choice should be made based on knowledge and facts. Following are some facts to consider:black mask

Between 1997 and 2001, drug companies have tripled the amount of money they spent on direct-to-consumer advertising for prescription drugs. There is nothing more frustrating than to watch a 1 ½ hour movie on TV that is stretched out to 2 to 3 hours. As an experiment, I timed it recently, and found that every 8 minutes a new drug commercial was shown. What a waste of precious time!tsi system

The number of retail prescriptions rose from 2.4 billion in 1997 to 3.1 billion in 2001. These prescriptions carry a total yearly price tag of at least $200 million, with the cost rising about 12% per year – a rate that is 6 times the rate of inflation.solo

Drug companies spend more than twice as much on “marketing and administration” (salaries????) as they do on research and slim

In 2001, the drug industry employed approximately 88,000 sales representatives to visit doctors in their offices and hospitals to promote their products - roughly one rep for every six practicing physicians. ultra slim

A good question to ask is, do these drugs increase the quality of your life. We are not saying that drugs are never necessary. Short term a drug could save your life or help you through a critical medical situation. But long term the toxic build up in the body can have devastating effects on your health. Another thought, do drugs actually increase the patients chance of survival? Do drugs increase the quality of your life?

Prevention is the best road to travel. The Narrow Road will begin a healing process in your body and your God given Immune System will begin to thrive and do the work it was designed to do. By eating a “Plant Based Diet” you can be rebuilding your immune system – the army that grows waiting to go out and fight against free radicals, cancer cell, infections, inflammation and toxins. If our immune systems are working as God designed them to work, we do not get sick. Our defense system is strong and fights to keep us well. The evidence for that is found in the health food grocery bag, not the pharmacy bag.