intimidated by the gym Healthful Pursuit of an LEO Wife

intimidated by the gym  Healthful Pursuit of an LEO Wife

Healthful Pursuit of an LEO Wife

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I briefly touched on gym intimidation in this post but thought Id describe my own recent experience and possible ways to help overcome the intimidation of the gym.

I had been out of the gym for about 5 weeks.  I had been traveling for 4 weeks and then it was probably a 1-2 weeks prior to traveling that I had stopped going to the gym because I had some major back pain I was dealing with.  I was still doing some workouts but it consisted of running and some at home circuits.  So I got back to the gym on Tuesday.  Its always a little intimidating, even for someone who is relatively consistent about their gym attendance.  After Ive been out for a couple weeks or longer, I always get butterflies in my stomach and start thinking:  Will there be a bunch of people I dont know?  Have I lost all my strength?  Will the people I do know remember me or comment on how Ive been gone?  Will I know how to operate the cardio machines?  What if theyve re-arranged things and I cant find what I need?  Will my keycard work?snel spieren opbouwen

Here are a few things that help navigate me off the ledge, as they say:macho man efeitos secundários

1) Have a plan for your workout.  Write it on a piece of paper or put it in your phone so you can reference it.

2) Once you get to the gym, head to a treadmill to warm up.  Our cardio machines are placed so you can see the entire gym so I sort of scope out the gym and the people while Im on my warm up walk.  You got to the gym, now take this time to relax and make your plan of attack once you get off the treadmill.

3) If you dont want to be in the free weight section(you knowthe section in which youre surrounded by mirrors), grab a few weights or items you need for your workout and find a quiet corner where you can focus on yourself and not focus on what you think other people are thinking about you.  That said, although I dont love looking at myself in the mirror from all angles, I do think having a mirror helps with form.

4) If youre brand new to a gym, see if there is an introductory class on the gym.  Often a gym will hold this class in which they should you how to use certain machines, cardio machines, etc.  Sometimes, theyll even have offer free intro training sessions in which they provide you a workout plan.  Also, there are usually diagrams on circuit machines or instructions on treadmillstake the time to read the instructions and use the machine properly.

5) Dont be afraid to ask.  99% of the people in the gym will be willing to help you.  They may giggle at you afterward but who cares!  You got your question answered, didnt you?  I remember one time I couldnt get the leg extension thing adjusted to my height and I just asked someone to help me and that was that.

6) Take a group fitness class.  This is a good way to introduce you to your gym and introduce you to some of your fellow gym-goers.

7) Smile!  Although Im not one to go to the gym for social hour, a smile goes a long way and may come in handy if you do need help with something.

8) I repeat have a plan.  Dont go to the gym without having a plan for what youre going to do.  Youre going to feel stupid and your gym sesh wont be productive if youre just wandering around the gym trying to figure out what to do.

9) Last but not least no one is watching you so get it out of your head.  Trust me, no one is looking at you saying, what the heck is that person doing here?  It can sometimes feel that way but I can promise that is all in your head!

How do you overcome the intimidation of the gym?  Any tips?

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← What the H-E- double hockey sticks am I doing? oh motivationwhere are you? →

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